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Our Toolkit

Our toolkit of development capabilities and assets adds value to the overall Telecoms and Start-Up ecosystem, by enabling the fast and effective incubation of disruptive innovation.



A powerful combination

We are an agile, entrepreneurial business.
But we are backed by our MNO parent, Manx Telecom.


In-house development

Through our in-house development team, Partitionware, we work with partners to develop valuable new IP. We are also experienced in launching and operating MNVOs, MVNEs and IoT management platforms. As a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider, Partitionware can launch new services without costly Capex spend.

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Established global partnerships

We offer routes to market, in the UK and globally, via our established partnerships with MNOs and Telecoms Service Providers, around the world.

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Rapid real-world MVP testing

Our home base, the Isle of Man, is the perfect test bed for innovation. We enable rapid MVP testing in a real-world environment, generating invaluable insight, to support product development and funding rounds.


Expert hands-on support

Our experienced team provide expert, hands-on, cross-functional support, to accelerate the development of partner businesses.

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Investing in innovation

Although we are not a conventional VC, we do invest cash in the most exciting innovation opportunities, alongside non-cash support, to achieve our mission.