Goshawk Wins Award for Innovation at the MVNO World Congress

Goshawk Communications Ltd have won the coveted industry award for innovation at the MVNO World Congress held in Amsterdam last week. Goshawk has developed world first technology that delivers personalised speech quality based on a customer’s ability to hear with their phone. This delivers clearer mobile calls and is particularly beneficial to the 1 in 6 people in the world who have some form of hearing loss.

The award win represents a huge personal achievement for Goshawk’s founder Matthew Turner who was born with hearing loss and has pioneered the technology following his own struggles to use a mobile phone. Working with leading audiologists, Matthew first developed a way of measuring how a person hears over a mobile phone with an online test. This is then used with an algorithm in the mobile network, that automatically adjusts the sound each user hears, to deliver a personalised sound which makes calls easier to understand. In clinical trials 9 out of 10 users reported an improvement in call clarity.

Goshawk’s technology will power the launch of a new UK MVNO called Audacious this summer, which aims to deliver this award-winning innovation to hundreds of thousands of consumers.

Audacious will be offering a ‘SIM Only’ product that works with a user’s existing handset, and without the need for an app. This follows the successful launch of the Goshawk technology with Manx Telecom on the Isle of Man in 2018.

Matthew Turner, Founder of Goshawk Communications and CEO of said: “The continued advance of the Goshawk technology as the de facto platform service differentiator for both MNOs and MVNOs continues with the launch of the Audacious brand. We look forward to Rob and his team’s success as we ensure call clarity and speech intelligibility resonates for those with and without hearing loss in the UK market and internationally’

Rob Shardlow, CEO of Audacious said “We are really proud to win industry recognition for this important and innovative service. We believe that Audacious will transform mobile phone experience by delivering clearer calls to many thousands of customers, a benefit that nobody else in the market can match. We can’t wait to launch the service.”